Thermal Management

  • Mega Circuit is on the leading edge of Thermal Management.  Through managing your thermal solutions using heavy copper (up to 11 oz), other metals (Copper, brass, aluminum) and special dielectric materials (0.4-12 W/MK), we have the expertise to bring your designs to a higher level.
  • Our thermal management solutions supply companies worldwide including supply chain solutions tailored to your needs.   Mega circuit has solutions to all your thermal management needs.


0.4-12 W/MK dielectrics

0.005”-0.250” metal substrate

Large format up to 24 x 48”

Down to 0.003” line and space

LED Ultra White solder mask

Mask defined pads

In house surface finishes HASL, Lead Free HASL, ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, OSP

Hi Pot testing

PTH/isolated vias on metal substrates of copper, brass, and aluminum

Blind via and pedestal options

Embedded metal substrates with PTH isolated from metal

Copper management up to 11 oz

Multilayer designs for thermal and digital hybrid

USA based stocking designed on your needs