Flex / Rigid Flex

  • With Mega Circuit as your partner every design becomes a reality. Through our global partners, Mega Circuit supplies flex and rigid flex PCBs from rapid prototyping through volume production.
  • Our Rigid-flex and flex technology offering is unmatched and includes asymmetrical rigid, varying flex layers, blind and buried vias, HDI, micro via, micro BGAs, bookbinder impedance control, and integrated Ziff.
  • We provide Rigid-flex and flex PCBs to leading companies worldwide with supply chain solutions tailored to their needs.


1-20 layers

0.001”-0.5” finished thickness

0.002" line and space

Aspect ratio 12:1

0.00025” etch tolerance

Impedance control to +/-5%

In house surface finishes HASL, Lead Free HASL, ENIG, ENEPIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, OSP.

Multiple flex points and layers

Vias: micro, blind, buried, stacked, filled, cap plated and back drilled.

Long format PCBs up to 125” long

Edge plate and castellation

Varying flex layer

Micro BGAs

USA based stocking designed for your needs.

Book binder


Integrated ziff