• Mega Circuit is a world class Manufacturer of specialized, Innovative, Antenna, RF, and complex multi-layer PCB designs. Through robust DFM, we provide reliable, hi performance and cost-effective PCB’s. Our Expert Engineering team, having decades of experience working with special requirements for Antenna, RF and Complex multi-layer designs, supports this mission using advanced analytical software and systems.
  • By understanding the PCB designer’s needs, ensuring PCB Manufacturing Capabilities, and Assembly guidelines, Our Engineering team performs an effective design analysis to identify, recommend solutions and assist in modifications with designers to optimize for success. Our Engineering strength is at work to help you avoid potential issues which could affect cost, delivery time, reliability, and performance from PCB production through your final assembly.

Special Services

DWG/DXF to Gerber conversions

Optimizing panel and array layoutfor maximum material utilization making product cost effective.

Impedance modeling, design verification, and testing.

Compliance and Certification reports to:Customer specifications; IPC, AS9100, PPAP, FAI and CMM for dimensional tolerances and true hole positions.

IPC netlist comparison and verification with cad files.

Quality conformance: Coupons and Cross Section analysis complying to IPC standards and custom specifications.

Alternate material suggestion and recommendation for optimum design, performance, cost,and quality.

Characterization of RF/Microwavematerials formechanical and electrical attributes (i.e., Expansion, contraction, Dk, PIM) with different process flow and parameters (i.e., Etching, post mask baking, lamination, drilling, routing,type of final finish, etc.).

Important DFM Check-Points