• Mega Circuit where every design of yours becomes a reality.  Mega Circuit offers domestic and global sourcing, product management, and design aid for all your PCB needs.  
  • We supply rapid prototyping, NPI, and mass production on standard through advanced technology PCBs. We work with companies worldwide to provide supply chain solutions tailored to all your needs.  



1-36 layers


Blind and buried vias

0.002” to 0.500” thick dielectrics

Copper from ¼ oz to 11 oz

0.002” line and space

Aspect ratio 12:1

0.00025” mil etch tolerance

Impedance control to +/-5%

Available surface finishes HASL, Lead Free HASL, ENIG, ENEPIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, OSP.

Differential copper plate up to 8 oz in the holes, and up to 11 oz on the surface

Vias: micro, blind, buried, stacked, cap plated

Filled vias: copper filled, conductive epoxy, non-conductive epoxy, solder mask

Back drilled vias with tightest X,Y,Z tolerances

Long format PCBs up to 125” long

Edge plate and castellation

Micro BGAs

USA based PCB stocking and Kanban designed for your needs.

Any and all material sets available worldwide.

Launch Pad Cavity

Hybrid, Mixed dielectrics

Low loss materials