Long Format PCBs

  • From prototype through production Mega Circuit has the capability of manufacturing boards as long as 125”.
  • Mega has designed, customized, and installed advanced machinery and production lines that can easily process PCB’s of such enormous length. 
  • We proudly serve markets ranging from Antennas, Communication, Medical Devices, Lighting Systems and many more.


Plated and non-plated PCB’s up to 24” x 125”.

Immersion Tin finish.

Plated and non-plated holes.

Spray coat or screen print soldermask available in various colors and compositions.


Unique Features

    • Drilling & Routing: Custom Drill machines capable of high precision drilling and routing boards as long as 125 inches with 1 continuous setup. Optimum registration and tolerances achieved using CCD camera.
    • Long Format Circuit Imaging: Custom Image Equipment with capability of imaging over 100”.
    • Electro-plating: Fully automated electroplating line is capable of plating panels over 100”.
    • Solder Mask & Silkscreen: Semi-automatic solder mask and silkscreen applicator can produce panels over 100”.
    • UV Solder Mask Curing.