• Mega Circuit manufactures antennas that vary in size from large format antennas to some of the smallest antennas in the world.  
  • Antenna types range from active or passive, RF Base Station, phased array, millimeter wave, microwave, small cell, GPS, automotive,marine to other application specific designs and uses.
  • Mega is a world leader in assuring superior PIM performance. Our understanding of how critical PIM is to product performance has driven us to study, engineer, implement, and control the manufacturing processes to achieve the best PIM performance.


Produce antennas using every conceivable material and material manufacturer of antenna grade material thickness ranging from 0.002” – 0.5”.

Optical routing systems provide critical capability including tightest tolerances of overall dimensions, edge to edge, hole to edge, and copper to edge.

Final finishes available including Immersion Tin, ENIG, Immersion Silver, OSP and more.

Unique experience and expertise for characterizing materials and optimizing manufacturing for compatibility with any material set.

Combination of two or more different selective finishes on the same layer of PCB.

0.00025” etching tolerance.

Largest most diverse inventory of materials (including large format from domestic and international suppliers). No time lost procuring material means faster production cycle times and quicker deliveries.

Unique Features

    • The best PIM performance in the industry.
    • Etch sidewall angles > 70°.
    • Clean room and direct image for Imaging.
    • Chemical surface preparation eliminates mechanical stress, assures best material dimensional stability, and provides optimized copper topography for Antenna PCB manufacturing.
    • Immersion Tin of the highest quality maintained through most effective inline copper removal process on the market.
    • Low friction Solder Mask for variable tilt antennas
    • Class 10K clean room for Solder Mask eliminates risk of any impurities in mask.
    • UV curable Solder Mask
    • Adhesive backings / PSA