• Mega Circuit is an environmentally friendly company focusing on policies and practices to reduce our environmental footprint.
  • Our goal is to reduce the over all environmental impact by following or exceeding all laws, regulations and green processes and focusing on business policies and practices which minimimize our impact on resources and environment.

Mega Circuit Company Ethics

  • Mega Circuit is committed to sustaining the highest ethical standards at all times. Our entire team is committed to a strong self-governance program. This commitment is aligned with the company's goals and maintaining the company's reputation for quality, reliability, integrity and customer responsiveness.
  • Mega Circuit pays our suppliers in accordance with the terms we mutually agree upon. We will not knowingly award contracts that economically disadvantage our supplier in long term.
  • Mega Circuit will uphold the highest ethical and legal standards for all transactions including imports and exports.
  • Mega Circuit ensures that the metals used in the manufacturing of our products follow Government guidelines concerning the attest CMRT documents. We support the action of the EICC & GeSI and have obtained information from its current metal suppliers concerning the origin of the metals that are used in the manufacturing of Mega Circuit products.
  • Mega Circuit will remain in full compliance with all business laws of the State of Illinois as well as those of the United States and international law.
  • Mega Circuit encourages open communication among all employees through mutual trust and respect.
  • Mega Circuit encourages employees to communicate concerns before they become problems. Discrimination of any kind is not toleratedin our company. There will be equal opportunities for everyone with the goal of providing a safe, secure and worry-free environment for staff, employees, vendors and customers.

Mega Circuit is committed to the theme of "It's the right thing to do" in everything that we do.